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Dessert Club is one of Woodstock Inn’s flagship events, it takes place quarterly and the concept is to try a selection of desserts and vote for a favorite, (oh, while having FUN!). Each dinner has a theme taken from a European country…just like our guest rooms. Dessert club is an excellent way to have the opportunity to try different dishes you wouldn’t normally choose.

It’s conception came from the owner, Kim Morgan’s travels while in Europe. She visited the original Pudding Club in England and was so taken that she wanted to create something similar for Woodstock Inn.

What to expect...
  • Arrive at 6:00pm and enjoy a glass of something sparkling while listening to our host welcome and inform you of the history of Woodstock Inn, the McKim mansion, the etiquette for the evening, and menu. On some occasions we also have live music!
  • At 6:30pm you will be seated and served a light main course of possibly pasta or meat, and a seasonal vegetable.
    Of course the evening is ALL ABOUT THE DESSERTS! The Parade of Desserts begins with a server bringing out one dessert at a time accompanied by a description. Applause is welcome and encouraged.
  • The final dessert is our signature dessert so everyone stands, claps, and cheers. Spoon drumming is also encouraged! It’s FUN, it’s LOUD, it’s YUMMY.
  • Guests sample one dessert at a time and place their numbered rankings on a score card for each dessert.
  • While enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea, we will tally up the scores and see which dessert is the WINNER for the month!

Your tummy is so FULL you might need to spend the night!

Dessert Club Stay Over Package: $150/night

Inquire with the InnKeeper about our ‘Dessert Club’ Themed Package which consists of:

Package includes:

  • 1 night stay in queen size or non-spa room*
  • Dessert Club dinner
  • themed breakfast.
    *Upgrade to a spa room for an additional fee

A Taste of Spring in Europe

Saturday, March 21st at 6:00pm

Past Dessert Clubs

March 2021 Dessert Club: A Taste of Spring in Europe
November 2019 Dessert Club: A Taste of Italy
July 2017 Dessert Club: All-American

Woodstock Dessert Club

Catering provided by A Little BBQ Joint,

June 2017 Dessert Club: Greek

April 2017 Dessert Club: Spanish

March 2017 Dessert Club: Scottish

February 2017 Dessert Club: la Maison Dessert Club Chocolat Francais

November 2016 Dessert Club: Pies! Pies! Pies!

October 2016 Dessert Club: German

August 2016 Dessert Club: American

July 2016 Dessert Club: Italian

June 2016 Dessert Club: Swedish

May 2016 Dessert Club: English